Make Your Business a Gum-Free Zone

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Germ Awareness Stickers

Supporting improved public health and safety one sticker at a time.

Germ Awareness Coasters

Don't let your restaurant become a germ-filled danger zone.


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Doing our part for the good of the nation

Let's face it - we shouldn't have to remind people to use trashcans and cover their mouths. But the pandemic has made it abundantly clear that we have a hygiene crisis on our hands, literally. Our stickers and coasters that you can place throughout your property will remind the public to:


Keep gum and saliva off of surfaces


Take your sneezing and coughing attacks outside


Think twice before putting other people in danger

We can all do our part to make the world safer and cleaner. If you're fed up with rude customers spreading germs throughout your place of business, a simple and straightforward message might be all it takes.

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What the World Needs Now Isn't Love - It's a Handkerchief

Remind your customers and clients to cover their mouths

Do you have to duck and cover every time someone starts to sneeze? Tired of finding nasty gum on the bottom of your shoes? You shouldn't have to be horrified day after day by poor personal hygiene and public etiquette. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge to put people in line. That's why Big K Logos is launching a national campaign to raise awareness on this widespread issue.

Created for business owners throughout the country, our coasters and stickers for sale are the perfect way to politely spread germ awareness. You get to keep your business clean and the rest of your customers happy, without any need for direct confrontation.

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